How We Serve

Our programs present a unique perspective by our alumni to offer insight of how we translate our dance, cheerleading and professional skills into goal-setting behavior that may have a positive impact on each young lady and the community as a whole. Our programs are offered throughout the greater Jacksonville area and in non-profit centers serving young girls who may not otherwise have these forms of mentoring and expression available to them.

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Who We Serve

In an effort to reach young girls in neighborhoods where opportunities to break out of cycles of poverty are slim, our programs enable girls to experience the motivation of dance and privilege of mentoring. Each time we hold a Community Dance & Cheer Clinic, funds raised will be used toward a charity clinic at an area non-profit community center serving underprivileged youth.

Our Latricia Ledet Scholarships are funded by donations to provide free tuition for deserving dancers at participating studios in our network. These scholarship recipients must meet criteria outside of their dance schedules of leadership and responsibility, the qualities that our alumni foster through our mission.

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Who we are and what we do

We are former NFL Cheerleaders who include professionals, mothers, students, role models, leaders and ambassadors in the community. Our programs incorporate strong mentoring qualities of self-confidence, responsibility, health, leadership, positive behavior and integrity, with elements of dance and cheerleading that brought us here. Our goal is to mentor young ladies and women to become leaders and make a difference in our community in the future.


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